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AEGIS provides every gas assist requirement from full process control and nitrogen generator systems, to accessories to optimize your gas assist process. Products range from gas assist injectors, both "standard" and custom, high pressure gas lines, injection barrel resin-shutoff valves (hydraulic or non hydraulic), and system components to keep your process running efficiently. Need an special gas assist injector for you application? We can furnish that quickly and competitively. Below are our standard gas assisted processing accessories. Call us with your needs!

High Pressure Hoses

Gas Assist Controller to Injection Mold
Up to 9,200 PSI, 63MPa
6 ' to 20' lengths, machine and mold connectors in stock!
Finger tip assembly to gas assist controller and mold!

Flexible, convenient, high pressure controller-to-tool gas supply lines, 6, 10, 15, 20 foot length in stock as well as custom sizes. Hoses are working pressure rated at 9,200 PSI. Connectors shown connect the hoses to the mold and gas assist controller. Special threads on the connectors and hoses prevent connecting a low pressure rated hose to your gas assist process.

Connectors include internal check valves. Note that these hoses connect ONLY to the special connectors shown, to assure safe operation. AEGIS also stocks unions for connecting (2) hoses to extend total length.

SRS-2000 Automatic Resin Shutoff Valve

Available only from AEGIS
Download Spec Sheet
The time tested and proven SRS-2000 automatic resin shutoff valve.  Our non hydraulic and non spring actuated resin shutoff is the most reliable and cost effective resin shutoff in the industry. No signals or actuation required! Hundreds in use for through-the-nozzle or gas pin methods of gas assist molding. A resin shutoff valve is mandatory when injecting gas through-the-nozzle.

Standard threads 1-3/4"-8 male and female ends, available with standard male end, or, with the "Van Dorn" taper in the I.D. at no additional cost.

JDL Drool Eliminator

For Gas Assisted or Conventional Injection Molding
In Stock!
The JDL Drool Eliminator! Save money, down time, messy cleanups! For use with Conventional Molding Processes, Structural foam or Gas Assist when injecting "in article."

The Drool Eliminator uses a very heavy spring-loaded mechanism to prevent nozzle drool. To operate, use the sprue-break function on the molding machine to back off 1/2" from the sprue bushing and the nozzle is closed!

The Drool Eliminator comes with a special tool for opening the valve for purging the barrel. After purging, remove the special tool and you're ready for production.

In-process, the nozzle moves forward to the sprue bushing, opening the valve for resin injection. After resin injection and packing, "sprue break" approximately 1/2" and the nozzle is closed.

Dimensions: 6" x 2.50", with 1 3/4"-8 threads as standard. Available with non standard size molding machine end cap threads for any molding machine.

Effective nozzle drool prevention for any hydraulic, electric, or hybrid injection molding machine.
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USN Automatic Gas Assist Resin Shutoff Valve/Nozzle

2 in 1 Gas Assist Nozzle and Resin Shutoff
In Stock!
THE latest advance in gas assist shut-off nozzle design. For through-the-nozzle gas injection on 20 ton and up molding machines. Call 757-271-9927 for more information. 

Standard build configuration comes with a 1 3/4 inch - 8 thread male end. The shutoff valve/nozzle can be used with any thermoplastic material. It requires no additional hydraulics or pneumatics and contains no seals to wear. 

The USN is disassembled in minutes, for quick and easy maintenance. Heater brands and check valves available.

Gas Assist Ready Injection Nozzles

* Require resin shutoff valve for through-the-nozzle operation *
In Stock!
The JDL Gas Assist Injection Nozzle provides Class-One performance at an affordable price when injecting gas through-the-nozzle. In stock in 8", 10" and 12" lengths. Gas assist ready. See our gas assist ball check valve below for affixing a SS gas line to the nozzle.

JDL patented and unequaled Rotary Resin Shutoff Valve

The ULTIMATE resin shutoff valve for gas assisted and conventional injection molding!
Normally In Stock!
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The JDL Resin Shutoff Valve-III & IV, hydraulically controlled, designed for fast, positive resin shutoff for gas assist and non-gas assist applications. Model IV is specially designed for use with gas assist molding or high pressures encountered during conventional molding. Simple installation between molding machine barrel end cap and resin, or gas/resin injection nozzle. 

This design is patented due its unique design and operation. Accept no clone substitutes!

The JDL Self Aligning Nozzle Tip

Hardened steel or polished 4140
In Stock!

The JDL Self Aligning Nozzle Tip screws into the end of any standard or gas assist injection nozzle.  When wear occurs, only the spherical tip detail is replaced.  It saves you money while ensuring sprue bushing - nozzle tip alignment. * Compensates for misalignment up to .040" overall travel in all directions.

* Prevents wear on molding machine sled caused by misalignment pressures

* Permits perfect nozzle tip-sprue bushing alignment

* Hardened steel or polished 4140

3-piece assembly screws into the end of any standard injection nozzle. The tip radii can be revised by changing the spherical tip only.

General purpose, nylon and and full taper tips available. Call for more information and for special requirements.

The JDL Patented Check Valve

Part no. AEGIS part no. ACV-02
Prevents gas and resin from entering nozzle/barrel
In Stock!
The JDL Gas Assist Ball Check Valve, for connection of a 1/8" SS gas line to the gas assist injection nozzle. The "ball check" function efficiently prevents resin and gas from backing into the gas line. For use when injecting gas through-the-nozzle.

Productivity through gas assisted injection molding!

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