AEGIS Introduces the 4th generation of our unique self cleaning, high flow gas injectors, the AG4 Series.  The AG4 Series is a 1/4" diameter injector with no shoulder, making it perfect for locating in a tool/molding where a clean gas opening is desired with no should to cause a counterbore or witness of the molding surface. Ideal for spherical part surfaces.

AEGIS is pleased to introduce Plexar Corporation and AEGIS' formal alliance with Plexar, one of our long term associated companies serving the injection molding industry. Plexar provides the molding and related industries a wide ranging product line including gauges, assembly & check fixtures, plus automation and testing systems. Plexar, located in Michigan, services the molding industry throughout the Midwest.  Click here to learn more about Plexar and it's industry-standard product line.

AEGIS is pleased to announce a product, services and price restructuring to better serve the needs of the gas assisted injection molding industry.  If you have not received our formal announcement with pricing effective April 1, 2016, please give us a call and we'll immediately send you our announcement and basic products price schedule.

AEGIS is pleased to announce our partnership with ANK Parts, Service and Technical Support Inc., of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. ANK will also providing sales and technical support services to AEGIS' partner company, NitroJection Corporation. The principles of ANK have long-term experience in gas injection systems, from basic trouble shooting to accessory and system implementation. ANK also handles support and sales for a wide range of molding machine parts from screws and controls, to system trouble shooting  We look forward to a long-term venture with ANK Parts, Service and Technical Support Inc.  Click HERE to meet ANK.

Productivity through gas assisted injection molding!

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