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Gas assisted injection molding occasionally requires a special design gas pin due to a problem with assembly into the mold, or a difficult condition in the molded part cavity. The gas assist injectors shown on this page are only a few examples of the many custom size and special build gas injectors furnished by AEGIS. Let us know about your specialized requirements. Fast delivery and cost effective pricing!

Do any gas assist injectors on this page look familiar? AEGIS provides more custom injector designs for gas assisted injection molding than any company in the industry, often with our unique high flow, self cleaning mechanism that will improve your gas molding process.

Electronically Actuated 
Gas Assist Injector

Special Build Designs for Gas or Water Injection Molding
Rarely necessary for all but the most demanding gas assist processes; critical for water assisted injection molding. 

Activation via 24 VDC and optional voltages to suit special control applications.

A7 Series Special Build End Discharge 
Gas Assist Injector

AEGIS exclusive high flow, indexing center element design
A variation of AEGIS' A3 and A4 Series injectors for placement in a tool where the A3 or A4 will not fit in the available tool steel. 

Depth of tip placement set by length of polished body and bore depth in tool steel.

AP2 Series Special Build, Side Discharge 
Gas Injector

Designed to fit tools with older style gas injectors
This special design was originally designed to be a "remove and replace" option for tools with a competitor's more problematic design. 

Not recommended for new gas assist molding applications.

AP1 Series Special Build, End Discharge 
Gas Injector

Tool Steel or Stainless Steel Construction
This special build gas injector was designed to replace a gas injector from another supplier.

The tool steel could not accommodate AEGIS' spring loaded mechanism, so the internal design is the same as with AEGIS' original AP1 Series gas injector, with superior flow to the product it replaced.

AP1 Series Special Build End Discharge 
Gas Injector

Hardened Steel or 316 SS Construction
This special build gas assist injector, similar in function to AEGIS' AP1 Series injector, was designed for very high gas pressures in a very high viscosity, high temperature resin, and for assembly into a mold with a bore for a now-obsolete injector design.

AP1 Series Special Build End Discharge 
Gas Injector

Stainless Steel Construction
This special build AP1 style gas assist injector was designed with a larger "shoulder" diameter due to the need for a long delay time in a high shrink rate resin. 

The tip was shorter than recommended in need to locate the tip at the right position in the cavity, but AEGIS' design support could have helped prevent the need for the less than practical tip length.

NOTE! AEGIS does NOT recommend gas injectors with short tips, or that penetrate only ~ .180" into resin mass!

AP1 Series Special Build End Discharge 
Gas Injector

Tool Steel Construction
Another AP1 Series special build injector, with threads to fit a previous installed injector, and with an extended tip to locate the gas injection point at the best location in the molded part.

APS1 Series Special Build End Discharge 
Gas Assist Injector

Tool Steel Construction
This special build gas assist injector was very unusual, designed for a complex gas molding program in a highly reinforced engineering grade resin. 

The basic injector function however was with AEGIS' exclusive high flow, spring loaded mechanism.

Gas injector gallery

Custom Designs for YOUR 
Gas Molding Application

Custom Concept - Application Development
With a tool and product design in IGES, STEP, Parasolid or DWG format (and others) AEGIS is best suited to provide formal, detailed input for gas pin placement and tool implementation.  In 85% of the gas assist applications we've supported, our A3 and A4 Series gas pins are the best solution. When their use is not practical, let us support your application, and design the injector that will provide the widest manufacturing window and the most consistent gas molding process.

Productivity through gas assisted injection molding!

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