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What is the benefit of full flow gas injectors?

Full flow gas injectors (open vent throughout the gas assist process) are absolutely necessary for precise pressure profiling during the gas injection phase.  Today's product designs mandate pressure profiling and often precise pressure ramping.  Pressure ramping prevents gas from penetrating thin areas adjacent to flow channels, and "ramping up" is often used to eliminate hesitation lines.

Gas injectors that close following gas injection, or upon depressurization, prevent controlled decompression and can result in unstable processes and variable production results.

Will AEGIS injectors fit my current tool?

AEGIS may have injectors to fit your current tool in stock, or custom injectors can be made on very short notice. We've never had a special build injector take more than 2 weeks for delivery after receipt of the required dimensions.

What is the normal delivery time?

AEGIS can ship standard design injectors normally on the same day as the order received, depending on the quantity required.  We often ship "overnight" when requested by the molder.  Special build injectors can often be shipped within 3 to 5 days, but we request at least 7 to 10 days for "specials."

Will AEGIS gas injectors work with my gas assist controller?

AEGIS injectors will work with any gas assist controller. Pressure profiling and precision pressure ramping capabilities are a function of the gas assist controller. Pressure ramping precision determines your process capabilities.  Some gas assist controllers, even after many years of commercialization, do not have pressure ramping capabilities.  We strongly recommend avoiding gas assist systems that do not have this capability.

What is the criteria for hardened steel vs. stainless steel?

AEGIS recommends hardened steel for the majority of applications (most AEGIS injectors are manufactured from pre hardened tool steel) due to its superior durability.  This is particularly important when molding with glass or mineral reinforced resins.  We recommend stainless steel when molding resins such as PVC, flame retardant, self extinguishing, or other corrosive resins.

What support is available for my application?

AEGIS routinely provides free-of-charge consultation for selection of the correct injector, and for its location in the tool/part cavity. On site support is also available for pre tool build design assistance, and for processing support in your plant.

How do the injectors seal in the bore of the tool?

AEGIS' A3 & A5 Series injectors are furnished with O-rings that compress during gas injection, sealing off between the injector base and bore/threads of the tool steel. One O-ring is required for assembly in the tool, (4) spares are provided with each injector. A4 & A6 Series injectors do not require an O-ring. For any of the injectors, we recommend a wrap of Teflon tape on the threads to assure the seal. (Keep the tape out of the inlet side of the injector!)

Are AEGIS injectors compatible with structural web molding?

AEGIS injectors are compatible with structural web molding when injecting gas directly into the part rather than through the resin injection nozzle.  This technique also allows more flexibility for gas injection control, and, allows structural web molding on any standard injection molding machine.

Which standard injector should I use for my new program?

Injector selection is based upon many factors, including resin selection, location in the tool, e.g., in the part cavity or in the runner. Give us a call, we'd be pleased to support your new (or existing) program.

How else does AEGIS service the gas assist molding industry?

AEGIS provides comprehensives services for pre-product design or conversion consultation, tooling adaptation and gas assist process optimization.  We also provide these services to the industries leading gas assist system providers.

AEGIS' services are available to any current or prospective gas assist molder, regardless of the gas assist system in use.

AEGIS provides services for achieving trouble-free process implementation with:

•  Pre product-design assistance for new and conversion gas assist programs

•  Pre tooling-design and development support

•  Gas assist tooling conversion design support

•  Product design and process implementation for gas assisted injection molding

•  What can AEGIS do to help you reduce costs, provide better products and expand your design options?  Give us a call at 757-271-9927

Productivity through gas assisted injection molding!

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