Standard - Stock Product Dimensions

A3SC & A5SC Series 
Standard Product Dimensions

The highest flow gas injectors in the industry!

Tool Steel or 316 Stainless Steel Construction

A3SC312TS  - Tool steel

A3SC312SS   - 316 Stainless steel

A5SC312TS-D  - TiN Coated Durajector

An O-ring fits under the .312" diameter shoulder - the O-ring is not shown in the image above or below:

A4SC & A6SC Series Standard Product Dimensions

Tool Steel or Stainless Steel Construction

A4SC312TS   -   O1 Tool steel

A4SC312SS   -  316 Stainless steel

A6SC312TS-D  -  TiN Coated Durajector

Productivity through gas assisted injection molding!

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